Monday, August 23, 2021

Payoneer: How To Get A Free International Bank Account That Operates In Over 200 Countries Without Paying A Dime.( Choose Between USD, EUR, GBP)


Payoneer  is an online fintech company for businesses owner's and individual. It's more like a commercial bank with an upgrade.

With Payoneer you can send and receive money from anyone in any country in the world.  And you also have the opportunity to open a free Western bank account. 

With ease, you can switch between a dollar account, pounds account, euro account, Canadian account or any available currency.

Payoneer is also the number one choice for freelancers, bloggers & affiliate marketers. With over 3000+ partners available. It's easy for you to make money online and get paid with payoneer.  You don't have to wait for eternity to receive payment.

Simply signup on a micro task Platform and get paid to work online. 

Your opportunity with payoneer is endless.


Payoneer is indeed safe. To me it's better than your local commercial bank. So far I've received over $1000 from my merchant.  I simply withdraw my funds straight to my local bank account. 

If your from Nigeria or any Africa country and you wish to sell your payoneer funds. Send a DM to me and I'll buy from you at a good rate. Contact me here
Note: This is applicable to individuals. Who at a point has received at less $1k. 
Here is a payment proof of my last payment.

Once again payoneer is safe and legit.


Payoneer card is a physical or Virtual MasterCard. It can be used on any ATM machine in the world. And it's also accepted on any online stores where MasterCard is accepted.

To qualify for a payoneer card. You must have at less, receive a minimum of $2,000 USD in payment in the last six months. If you qualify signing in to your account, select Settings → Payoneer Card → Order a new card.


To create a new account click on this link SIGN UP AND EARN $25 you will be redirected to a page. There, you will see options like Individual, Online seller, Freelancer and SMB, Affiliate marketer, Vacation rental host. You can pick from any you're comfortable with. Or better still pick individual.

Individual → Get paid by international clients and marketplace

Next stepA form will appear, fill it and submit. Please, make sure everything you input must be accurate and real. No fake name, no fake email. 

Like I said payoneer is more like your local bank. So any mistake you make will get your account locked. If suspected of any fraudulent activities. You might lost your account and fund. So trust payoneer as much as you trust your local bank.

Your name and date of birth should be the same as the one on your international passport, national ID or any government identical card. 

Next step: A verification mail will be sent to your email. Verify it and login.   You should receive similar mail like this below. Your account might get  approved same day or 3 business days.

 To get your account approved fast. Upload your government IDs or international passport. Don't worry it's just for security check.

My own account was approved that same day. All I did was login into my account and upload my national ID. 

After full activation, you can now recieve payment from any online microtask platform, freelancing website or merchant. As long as payoneer is accepted. You will get paid automatically. 

This is how your account looks like.


There you have it. You can also download Payoneer mobile app is available on Android and iOS.

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